Accounting and finance degree program is a four-year program designed to meet the growing need of qualified professionals in this dynamic world. This program involves the concept of money, business and management which is planned for students interested in pursuing a career in accounting, finance and business.

Accounting is the language of business, and as such is a critical part of our society in Ethiopia and globally. Every company needs someone to steer its finances. It is not only important to business organizations, but also to nonprofit, governmental and other entities not specifically oriented to the for-profit world.

Accounting students will gain advanced and practical knowledge of accounting and finance, computational skills and techniques and learn how to use specialized accounting software to gain a broad understanding of accounting and finance with an international context.

As a qualified accountant, the wok you do will be intellectually demanding and interesting. If you are serious about career as a finance professional, you need to think about ethical professionalism. Because virtually all organizations produce and use financial data for decision making, the career possibilities for an accounting major are diverse.

The program delivery is designed to be highly interactive and provides an environment that imitates real world business setting where you can practice and apply your knowledge.

The degree program is approved and accredited by Higher education quality relevance agency HERQA and it has also been continuously reviewed and monitored by national and international experts and academics.