Computer Science is an exciting and challenging discipline which covers a broad and continually growing range of fields, and is now seen in nearly every aspect of our everyday lives. Whatever level is your knowledge of computing or programming, our undergraduate course designed to begins with the fundamental mathematical and scientific foundations of computer science, equipping you with the knowledge and understanding required to face any technological challenge.

Our course enables you to develop technical skills in areas such as software engineering, algorithm analysis and system design, as well as giving you experience of project management, research and scientific methods. We are working closely with industry leaders, you will have opportunities to develop industrially relevant subject knowledge and transferable skills, such as communication, teamwork and planning, which are highly valued by employers.

The undergraduate program is designed to combine educational breadth in practical and theoretical computer science with deeper understanding of specialized areas such as analysis of algorithms, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, computer security, computer systems and networks, information management, programming languages and compilers, software engineering, and theory of computation. Undergraduates often take at least one semester of faculty-supervised independent study, working either on a project of their own choice or as members of a team on a faculty- sponsored research project.

The program is approved and accredited by Higher education quality relevance agency HERQA and it has also been continuously reviewed and monitored by national and international experts and academics.

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