Marketing Management is a four-year program designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills effective for marketing and sales strategies. Starting from an understanding of the current digital marketing landscape and digital consumer behavior, students will be exposed to the digital marketing toolbox – the set of tools companies might employ to interact effectively with their customers – and ultimately reach their objectives.

The course also focuses on strategic marketing issues that marketing managers assess before findings are presented to their executives. By learning to be an effective marketer and manager, you will learn to respond to the demands of competitors, the government, and larger social issues.

Among the concepts and theories that will be discussed are sales management, brand, distribution, e-commerce, franchising, retailing, information technology, and corporate social responsibility.

When it comes to running or starting a business, effective marketing makes the difference. This course enables future Marketing Leaders to identify marketing opportunities, select the right tools and methodologies, and evaluate the interaction of different approaches to effectively utilize exceptional marketing prowess to improve a company’s performance.

The program is approved and accredited by Higher education quality relevance agency HERQA and it has also been continuously reviewed and monitored by national and international experts and academics.

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