Business Management is a four-year program designed to train existing, new and future managers and leader to run businesses successfully, and provides the foundation for any successful career involving business, management or administration; it is essential for anyone seeking administrative or managerial posts, and for people running businesses or working in management positions.

This program teaches about all aspects of business, and provides the skills and knowledge needed to ensure managerial and administrative efficiency in business, and the competence to operate profitably in the modern industrial and commercial business world.

Success in business today depends on much more than just the ability to produce or sell products.  A modern business manager or administrator must also be proficient in managing finance, business resources, accounts, human resource, purchasing, marketing, stock control, office organization and control, computerization, communications, and very much more. 

The aim is for students to be immersed in holistic overview of organizations, engaging in critical thinking, problem solving and analytical analysis of business-related problems. This will help develop rational and appropriate solutions in order to successfully work in the business sector of the world.

The highly interactive Format of these program, lectures enable you to practice and apply your learning in an environment that imitates real world business setting.

The degree program is approved and accredited by Higher education quality relevance agency HERQA and it has also been continuously reviewed and monitored by national and international experts and academics.